JASSFERRY A-Rated Central Heating Pump Energy Saving Hot Water Circulation Systems with Standard Plug

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A-Rated Central Heating Pump with Electric Standard Plug

  • - A-Rated energy-saving circulation pumps with certification
  • - No monitor display, voltage/frequency: 230V/50HZ
  • - Artistic appearance, easy installation and reliable operation
  • - High efficiency, low noise, no leakage, ecological safety in operation
  • - 5 years warranty
Fields of Application: 
KBA Series is high-efficiency A-Rated pump for water circulation, which features well-designed compact structure,  integrated controller and frequency converter. It is easy for installation and operation in most fields of applications.  In terms of electricity consumption, the unique operation mode makes KBA Series pump more energy-saving and low cost.  
1. Warm water radiator with constant or variable flow  
2. Warm water radiator with variable temperature 
3. Warm water radiator with night setback  
4. Air-conditioning system 
5. Industrial circulation system 
6. Domestic hot water and drinking water supply system  
For example: single pipe heating system, double pipe heating system, floor heating system,domestic hot water


  • - Voltage: 230 V
  • - Frequency: 50/60 hz
  • - Max power: 45 W
  • - Head / Lift: 6 Meters
  • - Length: 130 mm
  • - Threading: G 1 1/2"

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